Research says 46% of our stress comes from workload; 

28% of our stress comes from people issues; 

20% of our stress comes from balancing personal and professional lives; 

6% of our stress comes from the lack of job security.

I say that 100% of stress will go away only with 


Start with Mindful Walking.

💫Place your hands where ever comfortable. 

💫Start Walking Naturally. 

💫With each step, pay attention to lifting and falling of foot. 

💫Notice any shifting of your body from side to side. 

💫Expand your attention to sounds. 

💫Shift your awareness to your sense of smell.

💫Now move your eyes. What ever draws your attention such as obstacle or road block or stairs, address it and bring back your awareness to walking.

💫Observe your breath while walking.

💫Be fully awake. Don’t start day dreaming.

Your mind will get distracted in hundred things. Bring back your attention again and again to only ‘the act of walking’.

Mindful Walking’ is an opportunity to gather our thoughts which are extremely scattered throughout the day!

So do this while moving between floors of a building, or on street or in the woods.

 You will clear your mind of clutter and restore your focus in just 10 mins of Mindful Walking.