Have You Ever Come Across a Situation where you wanted Something and

What happened was Completely Opposite of it? 

You make all the preparations for your Visa to a New Country,

do all the necessary paperwork but on the day of Interview you realize that Visa is Cancelled. 

You Lurv Your Partner immensely and admire his/her presence

yet one fine day, you just break up with him.

You feel very happy and contented with your present work and another day

you step into a New Job that doesn’t make you happy.

And the List Goes On…..

Many such events happen in Our Life.

They are called the ‘Shadow Aspects’ of our Personality.

In Psychology, the ‘Shadow Aspects’ refer to – an Unconscious Aspect of Personality which the Conscious Ego does not Identify in itself. It may be linked to Primitive Animal Instinct which was suppressed by early childhood years. 

To make it Simple, ‘Shadows Aspects’ create a Barrier Between

Who You are and Who You Want To Be ! 

‘Shadow Aspects’ is the reason why we react impulsively in situation and the result is –

We feel Messed Up!

In our sessions, we have a very Interesting way of Recognising the

‘Shadow Aspect’ of Personality. 

Once You are Able to See the ‘Shadow Point’;

And See How the Issue Emerged;

You Will Get a Clear Answer for all the Unsuccessful Events in Your Life. 

And the Chances are…. that the same events will not be repeated in your Life! 

Special Note for all the Members Reading This – 

Whenever there is a Situation in hand or You are Feeling Stuck;

Look For the Hidden Aspects that are Influencing the Situation!

These Hidden Aspects may be seen in Dreams or

Some Message that you keeps popping in front of you throughout the day –

in form of Images, Quotes, or words that you keep Hearing.