Energy is my first language. I understand it more than words. So when we meet, and you start speaking about yourself; you can use any words to describe and say who you are!

However, the reality is ~

Your Vibes are going to tell me the truth anyway!

Does that scare you?

Does that make you question something?

What is this VIBE?

You can call it Vibe, Intuition, Energy or some kind of Gut Feeling.

Every time we come across something new, there is an instant feeling or voice that emerges from inside.

Either you’ll feel comfortable (that means you liked the new thing) or you’ll feel uncomfortable and run away!




A research by Neuroscientist Antonio Damasio of the Univeristy of Southern California says –
it is important to pay attention to ‘Somatic markers’ or Gut Feelings as they work much faster than tons of data compiled in Conscious Mind.

These ‘somatic markers’ or Gut Instincts “influence” other regions of brain to make decisions.

Yet another research says that decision of staying with the something or moving away from it is made in first 60 seconds in our Mind. 

In short, these Instincts or Signals are actually helping the Mind to be focused on a single emotional objective out of trillions of other options.

So, next time you are in middle of a Crisis or even making the most lame decision of your Life, remember to pay attention to this VIBE/FEELING/ENERGY/INSTINCT.

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